It's simple... Push Yourself to the Max
Pain is Temporary.  Fit is Forever.


Maximum Effort = Maximum Results
Maximum Effort utilizes cardiovascular, ballistic,  plyometric, and other forms of  exercise   to give clients a dynamic workout every single session.  At Maximum Effort the goal is to increase flexibility, strength, cardiovascular shape, as well as body composition. No matter what your fitness goals are, Maximum Effort will help you achieve them.

Performance Training
Dynamic Group Fitness
Personal Training
60 minutes of high intensity, sports performance training that combines olympic lifting with athletic movements on turf and outdoors that will increase speed , strength, and agility in athletes of all ages.

Performance training is available to athletes 5 years old and up.
A 60 minute high intensity, total body workout that mixes weight training with different forms of cardiovascular exercises to increase your metabolism, build muscle, and burn fat.

Although a group class, the class is structured in a way that each participant will get specialized attention throughout the workout.
A personalized one-on-one training program focused on your personal fitness goals - Weight Loss, Rehabilitation, Functional Training.

Personal Training is offered on-site.


All classes last 60 minutes
Class Schedule as of August 15, 2016